2st cycle

A Curriculum for Personal and Social Development

In the second cycle of basic education, we focus on continuing the work started in basic education. We seek to introduce students to concepts such as time management and new ways of thinking and understanding the world around them.

We define the objectives of this cycle:

The construction and awareness of personal and social identity;

Participation in civic life in a free, responsible, solidary and critical way;

Respect and appreciation of the diversity of individuals and groups regarding their belongings and options;

Valuing different forms of knowledge, communication and expression;

The development of a sense of aesthetic appreciation of the world;

The development of intellectual curiosity, a taste for knowledge, work and study;

The construction of an ecological conscience leading to the enhancement and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage;

Valuing the relational dimensions of learning and the ethical principles that regulate the relationship with knowledge and with others.

Educational program






Class Assembly;

Musical Expression

Learning Network, a school for the future.

The use of tablets, within the scope of the “Learning Network” Project, at the level of the 1st Cycle, aims to integrate the use of technology in the routines of the teaching-learning process. Likewise, the use of these resources encourages intellectual development and facilitates sharing and collaboration between students and teachers, inside and outside the classroom and classroom.

Stimulates motivation and enhances the improvement of work rhythm and autonomy.

Enables greater efficiency in the exploitation of digital resources (development of skills in the use of ICT).

Assists in the collection and organization of study materials.

Enhances collaboration between peers.

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