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Ludwig van Beethoven

So that young people most passionate about the musical arts have the opportunity to develop their talents and ambitions, EITV offers the EITV Music Academy. This Academy of an optional nature, uses methods similar to those of musical institutions recognized for their quality and offers learning plans adapted to the age group and objectives of each student.

At the end of each academic period, the students of the Music Academy have the opportunity to show the fruits of their work through the Auditions / GALAS, which parents, students and the rest of the educational community are invited to attend.

The Academy's training offer includes musical initiation classes for younger students and, later, more advanced musical training.

In addition to theoretical training and individual instrument teaching, we also encourage joint classes in which students of different instruments have the opportunity, free of charge, to practice together, boosting the spirit of group work.

Instruments taught at the EITV Music Academy:


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