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Programming is not about what you know, but what you can discover

Chris Pine

Because we aim to prepare our students for a future marked by the ubiquity of technology, the Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras, opens this year the Discovery Club of New Technologies.

This Discovery Club aspires to iTo introduce interested students to a set of computer concepts and tools, complementary to those taught in a formative context, opening doors to a new way of seeing the technological world, not only from the user's perspective, but also from the creator's perspective.

The teaching method is based on small practical projects (based on the students' playful interests), supported by theoretical explanations of the various topics covered. With a step-by-step learning method that allows students to autonomously develop digital applications. 

Topics such as Digital Design, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and UX/UI will be addressed.





The fact that the digital subjects are based on the English language, makes this also a great opportunity for students to practice their English in a passive and integrated way in their day-to-day.

At the end of the year there will be a public presentation so that students can present the results of their final project, to be carried out in the 3rd period.

There are no minimum requirements for participation in this Discovery Club, and it is suitable for all students aged 11 and over.

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