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A Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras is first institution in Portugal which is authorized to promote the "Dual Diploma", recognized as a partner "American High School"By "Academic International Studies", the largest educational organization in the USA.

The Dual® Diploma offers the possibility of obtaining two diplomas simultaneously: the secondary of the country of origin, in person, and the American High School Diploma, online.

Students from the 8th to the 12th year, who adhere to the protocol, when fulfilling the national program and obtained the 6 credits of the American program, will be doubly certified with the National Diploma and the American High School Diploma, recognized in all States and at all universities in the world.

The Diploma Dual® curriculum program includes interesting content that the student would normally not have access to and that entails personal and academic enrichment. The possibility of participating in social clubs (of journalism, arts, photography ...) allows them to connect with other students of similar interests.

On the other hand, carrying out a double certification of secondary education indicates that the student has skill and discipline, as well as the ability to face the challenge of reconciling a double certification, qualities that are highly valued in the labor market.

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