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Step 1: Intent Form + Visit Scheduling

Fill out the form below. You will be asked to schedule a day and time to meet face-to-face or online with our academic services. Click to start the application process

Step 2: Fill in the application form

As soon as our academic services confirm the day and time scheduled, an email will be sent with all the documentation necessary for registration. As well as a link to the registration form. Please fill in this form in advance to speed up the registration process during your visit. If you need to consult the equivalence guide: Click here

Step 3: Visit

The day has come to visit EITV! Our academic services will validate the data filled in the registration form and resolve any missing information. On this day, you can take a guided tour of the school, as well as clarify any doubts that may exist. To expedite this process, please bring the following documents:

● Identification document (eg citizen card)
● Copy of the Portuguese residence permit (for foreign citizens)
● Passport style photography

Step 4: Final Validation

After validating and paying the associated fees, as well as signing all the necessary documents, your student's registration process at EITV is complete!
Will receive:

● An acceptance email
● An enrollment agreement
● The transaction receipt

For any question contact:
Email for national resume:
Email for international resume:
Phone: +351 261 919 116

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cafeteria and bar

The bar and cafeteria ensure that our students have access to healthy and tasty food and snacks. In addition to being spaces where our students gather and socialize. 


Classrooms equipped with computer, video projector and tactile board. Everything so that our students have classes in the most conducive environment for learning.


The playgrounds are places where our little ones interact with their friends in between classes. They are equipped with a variety of structures such as slides, climbing walls and ropes that offer students physical challenges and opportunities for imaginative play.

Forest and Pedagogical farm

Space where students can learn about agriculture and environmental sustainability. Here, our students connect with nature, observe and study flora and fauna, and develop a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Auditorium and Amphitheaters

Space dedicated to dance and drama presentations, as well as lectures and conversations presented to the school community.


Dedicated to the practice of sports such as football and tennis, karate and volleyball. The covered field is also equipped with a stage and is used for physical education classes. 


2 fully equipped laboratories for practical classes in physics, chemistry, biology and geology.

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