Our approach to education places emphasis on instilling curiosity and a love for learning through academic and project-based teaching and learning methods.

We purposefully have built an inquiry focused curriculum, to support and deliver our school's vision, ethos and mission best.

We evaluate pupil performance through continuous formative and summative feedback approaches. the duration of a given term, teachers will have individual discussions with pupils about what they have accomplished well and which areas are in need of development. Through this approach, students are empowered to take ownership of their own learning, and what they ought to do to achieve better results.

Every term we invite parents to individual development discussions. These discussions facilitate opportunities for parents to be involved, and discuss their child's individual needs.

Soft (transferable) skills

Soft skills help students thrive throughout their lives; be it at school, workplace or in any social setting.

Our rationale for education cornerstones here at ISTV are based on conceptual learning and teaching. Students will participate in academic and project-based tasks daily, in areas of their very own interest, to help them develop these soft transferable skills.

Problem solving

Ability to think logically and critically to solve real life problems, essential in our complex, ever-changing world.


Curiosity and imagination drive innovation and are key to problem solving. “Out-of-the-box” thinking is needed to find new and innovative ways.


Listening, public speaking, learning how to communicate effectively with precision and clarity, will instill confidence in pupils and help them strive in their personal, and later, in their professional lives.

Time management

Effectively managing time and staying organized, the ability to prioritize well and work smarter rather than harder is a vital skill, and can be applied to secondary education as well as careers.

Stress management

Ability to identify and tackle stress triggers early, and effectively, can help students become happier, healthier and more productive.

team Work

Successful students need to know how to collaborate with others and be adaptable. Starting early and knowing how to work in a team, being able to build on each team member's unique strengths, knowing how to deal with frustrations is pivotal in teamwork.

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cafeteria and bar

The bar and cafeteria ensure that our students have access to healthy and tasty food and snacks. In addition to being spaces where our students gather and socialize. 


Classrooms equipped with computer, video projector and tactile board. Everything so that our students have classes in the most conducive environment for learning.


The playgrounds are places where our little ones interact with their friends in between classes. They are equipped with a variety of structures such as slides, climbing walls and ropes that offer students physical challenges and opportunities for imaginative play.

Forest and Pedagogical farm

Space where students can learn about agriculture and environmental sustainability. Here, our students connect with nature, observe and study flora and fauna, and develop a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Auditorium and Amphitheaters

Space dedicated to dance and drama presentations, as well as lectures and conversations presented to the school community.


Dedicated to the practice of sports such as football and tennis, karate and volleyball. The covered field is also equipped with a stage and is used for physical education classes. 


2 fully equipped laboratories for practical classes in physics, chemistry, biology and geology.

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