Pangea Award

Through the motto “Mathematics for all”, the PANGEA math competition aims to bring together students from different backgrounds, social strata and levels of education, and make them math enthusiasts. Young people will be able to share their experiences and the joy they find in mathematics.

This Contest is aimed at students from the 3rd to the 10th year of schooling and is organized in eleven other European countries: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

The main objective is to spread enthusiasm for mathematics. Our message is: “The fear of mathematics is unfounded. Everyone can be successful. ”

For more information: www.concurso-de-pangea.com.pt

The Department of Mathematics and the Pedagogical Direction of Eitv congratulates the students who qualified for the final of the national phase of the Pangea Mathematics Competition and very especially those who positioned themselves in the top 10 places in the final phase.

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