Our pre-school training program is based on the recognition of the child as an active subject in his own educational path, which means starting from what the child already knows and building new learning from these fundamentals.

The level of demand applied also presupposes the introduction of children to the concept of cooperation, in which all elements of the group benefit from the educational process developed.

We strive to demonstrate the integrative nature of the various areas of knowledge. Instead of presenting the disciplines as individualized and watertight knowledge, we apply it to convey the potential of the disciplines when crossed.

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Pedagogical Objectives of Pre-school Education

1. Promote the child's personal and social development based on democratic life experiences from a perspective of education for citizenship;

2. Foster the insertion of the child in different social groups, respecting the plurality of cultures, favoring a progressive awareness as a member of society;

3. Contribute to equal opportunities in access to school and to learning success;

4. Stimulate the child's global development while respecting their individual characteristics, instilling behaviors that favor significant and differentiated learning;

5. Develop expression and communication through multiple languages ​​as a means of relationship, information, aesthetic awareness and understanding of the world;

6. Arouse curiosity and critical spirit;

7. Provide the child with moments of well-being and security, namely in the context of individual and collective health;

8. Screen for inadequacies, deficiencies or precociousness and promote better guidance and guidance for the child;

9. Encourage the participation of families in the educational process and establish effective collaborative relationships with the community.

Educational Plan


English language;


Class Assembly;

Musical Expression



A course, for skills development, given at no additional cost, to all children aged 4 and 5 who attend pre-school education at EITV.

The Advanced Education Course Fastrackids is a new learning system. This course was developed to enrich children's knowledge. In it, students are challenged to think productively, while simultaneously developing their verbal expression, communication and leadership skills.

The educational objectives of the course

1. Provide children with an accelerated and enriched education.

2. Teach children to apply and transfer acquired knowledge.

3. Stimulate creativity and brain development.

4. Develop expression and communication skills.

5. Encourage leadership and personality development.

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