Infante D. Henrique Award

EITV encourages its students to participate in the Infante Dom Henrique Award.

The Infante Dom Henrique Prize is the Portuguese version of “The Duke of Edinburgh's Award” founded in 1956, in Great Britain, by the Duke of Edinburgh, its president. With the implementation of the Infante Dom Henrique Award, of which SAR the Duke of Bragança, in addition to being a founding member, is President of Honor, Portugal became the first non-English-speaking European country to adopt the “The International Award for the Young People” program - The Duke of Edinburgh's Award ”, in which approximately six million young people are participating in approximately 118 countries.

In Portugal, the Prize started in Porto in 1987, with centers set up from North to South of Portugal, and in Lisbon is where there is a greater concentration of young people practicing activities. 1994 was the year that started the National Expansion. So far there are Delegations and clusters established and in formation in the Algarve, Almada, Arcos de Valdevez, Aveiro, Barcelos, Braga, Caldas da Rainha, Coimbra, Elvas, Entroncamento, Évora, Famalicão, Leiria, Macau, Madeira, Maia, Ourém , Ponte da Barca, Ponte de Lima, Torres Novas, Torres Vedras, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real and Viseu.

The Prize Program aims to certify your skills and contribute to better moral and physical training for young people who grow up in this troubled modern world, where opportunities for effective personal fulfillment are often scarce and difficult. Thus, a program of voluntary and non-competitive activities encourages and recognizes the merit, dedication, self-confidence and perseverance of the young participants. At EITV this program comprises four groups of activities:

Community Service - child support, study room, conservation of the environment, etc.

Personal Talents - participation in the Youth Parliament project, music, dance, theater;

Sports activities - swimming, judo, football, volleyball, etc ...

Spirit of Adventure - expeditions and explorations, always carried out in groups and under the guidance of a monitor.

By participating in the Prize Program, young people have access to three medals:

Bronze, for over 14 years • Silver, for over 16 years • Gold, for over 17 years

The Award is therefore a certification of competences, recognized internationally by many companies and universities.

As an Association and as in other countries where it is practiced, the Infante Dom Henrique Prize being a Private Social Solidarity institution is supported financially by annual registrations, by donations from companies and / or individuals, as well as with the organization of fundraising events.

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