The included meal regime includes the morning meal, lunch and snack, so there is no need to send any kind of food to the school;
The diet must be requested by the student or by the respective Guardian of Education, at the beginning of the morning class shift.

Lunch and Snacks:
Lunch will consist of:
- Soup;
- Fish, meat or vegetarian dish;
- Dessert (fruit or candy);

In the morning snack, 3 varieties of biscuits are available (toasted biscuit, Maria biscuit and salt and water biscuit);
In the afternoon snack, students can have:
- 1 bread sandwich with one of the garnish varieties (cheese, ham, bologna, chorizo, butter, jam or marmalade);
- 1 drink (milk, milk w / chocolate, juice or yogurt).

EITV has a bar / cafeteria service in the cafeteria, which can be used by employees, teaching staff, parents and students.
The bar / cafeteria service will open at 8:15 am to support parents / guardians. The opening hours of the bar will be announced at the beginning of each academic year.
Any user of the bar service must use the student / guardian or employee card as a form of payment, being able to load the desired amount in advance into the EITV Treasury.

The annual values ​​of the Catering Service were calculated according to the school calendar and for simplification of billing, they were divided into 11 equal installments, so that their non-performance during the period of interruption of school activities, namely in the weeks of Christmas, Carnival and Easter, does not entitle you to any refund / change.

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