Financial support

Like pre-school children who benefit from the Development Contract, students from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Cycles and Secondary Education who attend EITV can also benefit from the financial support (Simple contract) awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science.

The income brackets that give the right to said support, and the amounts of this, are defined, annually, by the Ministry of Education, through Ordinance.

Documentation to be delivered to the School Secretariat, to request financial support:

IRS settlement note for the year prior to the frequency;
Income statement (Model 3), annexes and settlement note;
Receipt of income from home or if you live in your own home and are paying a bank loan;
Declaration by the loan financier, stating that the house is for own and permanent housing, with details of the address and monthly fee;
Confirmation of the household by the Parish Council (model 8);
If you are unemployed, a statement from the Employment or Social Security Institute, indicating the starting date of the situation and the amount that is paid to you, at the time of issuing the document, as an unemployment benefit

Note: in cases of IRS exemption, a statement of Finance must be submitted, proving this situation

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