We cannot fail to guide our daily work without the philosophical principles in which we believe and which we believe that tomorrow the world will demand it from its citizens.

These principles are represented in our school environment, in our fair and democratic community where we include students, teachers, parents and associates and in the nurturing and stimulating climate, which remain our greatest asset and tool for building lasting success.

We understand the specific complexities of the child's growth process and develop syllabus adapted to this reality and learning contexts adjusted to the various stages of life contained in the path from pre-school to the end of secondary school.

Our Philosophical Principles

  • The flexibility to adjust to a constantly changing reality;
  • The ability to reason well and ethically;
  • Love and faith in humanity, indispensable to life in a great and diverse world;
  • The knowledge that allows them to manage, with personal advantage and for the greatest common good;
  • The sensitivity to understand the fragility of our environment and the delicate quality of human work;
  • Capitalizing on new media and their inherent complexity;

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing students with the opportunity and conditions to become literate, multilingual and multicultural citizens, competent, educated, sensitive to artistic expression, multifaceted, capable of critical thinking, creating and managing problems as a condition for the advancement of knowledge and agile enough to face the transforming challenges of a complex, interdependent and pluralistic world.

We believe in young people mobilized for new realities, not so much by creating another discipline that will eventually give them new tools, but by creating an atmosphere that cuts across all content.

We promote the participation of Parents in school life as one of their inherent rights and as a condition sine qua non for the natural development of children. Parents are considered an integral part of the school as are Students and Teachers.

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