About Us

How it all began

Created in 2005, the Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras arises from the effort to create an irreverent educational institution, marked by educational quality, focused on training young people for the challenges of the modern world and with the objective of exploiting to the full the potential of each and every student entrusted to us.

We believe that...

Education is your best Investment

Along with Academic Excellence and Team Learning, we work because we believe that our students will be able to evolve to take responsibility for their own education, developing the ability to Learn to Learn; because we believe that in the future they will be able to manage their personal and family affairs, with a high ethical and moral sense, appreciating the Arts, using Technology; in other words, we believe that we can make them holders of a solid training that will allow them to face the world of tomorrow with confidence.

More than a School, a community

At the heart of the school are its students, teachers, parents and associates, a community determined to learn from experience and challenge in all its action.

We believe that all elements of the Community are responsible for the integral realization of the objectives of the educational project and for the development of a culture of citizenship capable of promoting the values ​​of the human person, democracy and the responsible exercise of individual freedom, which is why we will continue to insist , without interference, in a culture of openness and participation in school life.

Art at School

By promoting the project “A Arte na Escola”, in which artists and artisans are invited and have the opportunity to exhibit their works, we aim to contribute to helping our students discover new ways of facing the “world”, the being citizens of a more liberal society, more awake to differences.

We therefore bet on creating an environment where cultural and artistic training are present and we do so in the conviction that living with other forms of expression and different perspectives on the world around us, can be an opportunity for the development of others Skills.

Discovery Clubs

We also offer parents, within the scope of Discovery Clubs, the possibility of enriching the curriculum with knowledge in the areas they deem most important for the integral formation of their students. 

As such, in the same space and without the need to travel and schedule or other constraints, our students will be able to have access to extension programs, spaces and times where they can socialize, play sports, enrich their personal, social and cultural experiences and develop your creativity.

American High School Dual Diploma

A Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras is the first institution in Portugal authorized to promote the “Dual Diploma”, being recognized as an “American High School” partner by “Academica International Studies”, the largest educational organization in the USA.

The EITV follows the curriculum guidelines of the Ministry of Education and the legislation applicable to the private sector of education. Certified as “Cambridge Educational Partner ”, bet on foreign languages ​​(English, French and Spanish), Education for citizenship and Information Technologies, Music, Sport and the development of communication skills.

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