Shotokai Karate

Karate focuses on building character, however, it does not guarantee it.

Yasuhiro Konishi

Shotokai was the first Karate style to be taught in Portugal, in 1969, and since then it has trained thousands of children and young people; it is an educational (non-competitive) art that aims to provide children with excellent physical education, mental / moral values ​​(self-control, self-esteem, confidence, discipline, etc.) and ethical (respect for partners and opponents, respect for hierarchical superiors and inferiors, etc.). These conditions, both physical and moral, prevent and minimize risks of abuse.

We positively add unique moral values ​​to each of the practitioners. These values ​​help to highlight an individual socially, through commitment, persistence, pride, honor, effectiveness, among many other values.

So our aim is to continue to understand and develop the Art of judo through the Karate-Do modality.

The main objective of Karate practice is to understand what the Martial Arts are, their principles and objectives.

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